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Who We Are

We are British Car Enthusiasts much like you who enjoy the open road in one of the many fine British sports cars. Not only do we have a few British cars but we are experts in what the factory designed these cars to do. We know what it takes to Restore or Repair your vehicle to factory condition, and often benefit from updates with the help of today's technology.

Dad and Brian working on a 1977 Bugeye


A little something from the owner:

“What is BMC?” An incorrect question for the name.

B.M.C. is an Acronym for “British Motor Corporation", a company that came about from the 1952 Merger of Austin Motor Co. Ltd. to Morris Motors Ltd. and was known by most people as B.M.C. until reformed in 1968. Many people today argue this company to be the largest contender in the golden age of the British Automobile industry and the largest producer of Sports cars in the World- all from a cold and wet island in the northern hemisphere.

A proper question for this website is Who is BMC? BMC is me, Brian Mc Cullough, and British Automobile is our small but growing corner of the British Automotive World.

But what’s a Scot doing working on British vehicles? Well, that’s Scotch-Irish to you! (and a lot more too!) Dare I start with my Dad, Dwight Mc Cullough, who was a Mercedes-Benz (BMW and Rolls Royce) Specialist for many years and ran his own business for 15 years. He has continuously owned, maintains and raced his own British cars including an MGB autocrosser, a Bugeye as well as others. I was far more interested in the Austin Healey Sprites and MG B’s then any Mercedes or Brian McCullough after assisting on the complete restore of a 1913 HudsonBMW Coupé that would pull in for repairs and since he always had his Sprites around, I was hooked at a Very young age. By the time I was eleven years old, I had a good understanding of compression ratios, a little understanding of camshafts, gearboxes and lots on electrical. I had already rewired a few pieces of his recently repainted and disassembled Bugeye (while he was AWAY at work!) and worked out the four wheel drum brake dragging problem on the same ‘59 Bugeye.

As I grew older, I would hang around his shop and eventually worked under him. We worked together for a few years and then I went off on my own some time after high school. Continuing on a ‘self study’ course collecting everything I could and talking to anyone who had anything to say about automotive Repairs, Restorations or Alterations, all the time retaining to the Anglophile that already had people in high school pegging me as that guy who drove them funny foreign cars! Corrections to be made people, they aren't Foreign, they are British!

Brian McCullough with his three daughters at Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis, MinnesotaI worked at a few small shops learning the bottom end of the repair business and then went to work for Tom at Odyssey Restorations- restoring true Classic automobiles from turn of the century to “as new as” 1936 full Classics such as Franklin, Packard, Pierce Arrow and other names associated with Proper American vehicles. This was a wonderful place with the highest quality workmanship in the Midwest (and then some as proven by awards!) and I would recommend them to anyone looking to restore American Classics. While my time at Odyssey was drawing to an end, I was steadily building up parts, supplies, tooling, skill and information and more for starting British Automobile.

By 1999, I had already established the business and in May 2000 started full time with nothing less then a 1950 Morgan Plus 4, a 1960 Bugeye -and more.

Family owned and operated.  As seen by our daughter performing cleanup services.

In 2002 we moved to a new location with a new home and newly expanded shop. We advertise our square footage as "adequate" working on four to six vehicles at any given time with storage for many more at our second location.

Our Clientele list includes both local and out of town folks. Our clients have brought their cars to and from areas all over the Country: Sea to Shining Sea!

Our online orders are taken from a truly World-wide audience: Anywhere the British Empire once sold their vehicles. The sun never set...

Although some would consider this an MG Garage, I Beg to Differ! MGs are common sure, but Our list goes Far beyond this. The list includes Classic Rolls-Royce, post-war Daimler Limousines, Classic Jaguar (E-Type, XK120 etc.), Austin, Austin Healey, Jensen Healey, Sunbeam, Marcos, Triumph and more.  

It's hard to believe that 2014 is ending as of this writing. 2014 Gone! May of 2015 will be the Companies Official 15th Anniversary. The projects continue to Amaze me and our Recognition throughout the Country and the World in the British Car Community continues to grow Thanks to all those we Serve, those who Serve us and my/our valued Friends, co-workers and Clients. 

Our goal is to continue to grow our company to meet the needs of those who enjoy Classic British Sports cars, Luxury Vehicles and some of those Rare and Cheeky British Saloons that are such a hit at the shows with our Products and services including:

Top Shelf British Classic Restoration, Updated and Clandestine BMC type Modifications, V6 and V8 (et al.) Conversions, Continued Product Development and Sales of British Specialty Parts, General British Classic Repair and Restoration.

Brian McCullough Restoring a vintage MGA to Pristine ConditionA little about me: