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Brian McCullough Autocrossing at Cantebury Park in the '59 Bugeye

We are constantly looking for higher quality products and pushing our suppliers for quality when needed. When necessary, we contact manufacturers directly and have been known to rebuild or fabricate parts when needed. Sometimes we find that the best units are more costly, and other times we have found the source or the service of a given item was worth an extra price. It helps to understand products and services on the market as we do.


Quality costs more, we refuse to do poor quality and quick fix work, but instead focus on reasonable repairs. This is not expensive; it means that we refuse to put a band-aid over a noted problem. We do not repair or replace items without owners permission, but reserve the right to refuse completion of a task deemed unsafe or unreasonable. Our goal is to provide ongoing quality workmanship to our clients for the task that has been assigned to us.


1977 MGB with 3.4 liter v6 engine transplant with Brian McCullough from BMC British Automobile in the background"The bitterness of inferior quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."


Components that fit and last- if we find something better, we will tell you!


Our parts reflect this as well. You can purchase an Excide battery, or purchase quality batteries such as Interstate that will cost more.


What's the difference? A battery is a battery right? Sure they both look the same, but one has a better internal structure, better plates and denser alloys. Most “brand-X” batteries that I replace are about six months to two years old. Most Interstate Batteries that we replace are five to seven years old and had a superior warrantee to start with. This is how we do business; do better work with better parts for longer service life and more pleasurable vehicle.