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MG B v6 Conversion with the GM 3.4 liter Camaro 60 degree engine and transmissionThank You for choosing BMC British Automobile LLC for your British Automotive Specialty needs

BMC, the website and LLC provides our website to you subject to the following conditions. When you use our site, you are agreeing to accept these conditions.


Parts damaged in shipping will be paid for or replaced by carrier.


Although we make it a point to sell parts at set prices, on occation, the website pricing does not get updates as quick as prices move. On the seldom occation that we are restocking and prices have gone up too far for us to just allow the item to pass, we will inform you of a price difference so you can make the decision to purchase or remove from an order.


While we hold your account private and will not knowingly release your information, it is your responsibility to use a computer that is free of spyware, other potential users and possible security breaches due to innsufficent security on the systems you run. If your account billing information does not match your ship to address, we may refuse shipping and or accepting orders placed under any account.


We Value your privacy and understand (from experience) how junk emails and other 'requests' can really be bothersome- or worse! We will not in any way knowingly release any information passed on to us unless we have your specific permission to do so.


A fantastic example of a British Automobile who displayed this vehicle at the British v8 Club eventCOPYRIGHT

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Products on this website and portions of this website have been patented and copying is in layman's terms - "...a real No-No."


A copy of our contact information can be found on the main portion of our website including email, telephone and address.


Yup, we got those too. Be Respectful of them and we promise not to send a stampede of Really Big Expensive Lawyers your way.

If your still reading this, your either a lawyer, accountant, rocket scientist or really -Really- Bored. Its great to know that I am not the only one to read these to the end!!

In light of reading through it all, Thank You for reviewing our policies!