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MG B Chrome Front EndHourly charge: Being all of the projects we work with have unique considerations, a simple book rate is usually not available. All Restorations, Modifications and Repair work provided is done according to what our clientele ask of us. If something comes up that we feel may be unsafe, we will bring it to the attention of the owner but do not work ahead of work requested without verbal consent. Labour and Consulting prices are divided by three categories:

--Minor work and General Repair:
That defined by BMC as projects that take up to 99.95 hours of shop billable time. Usually these are repairs, rebuilding or modification projects and are billed the full shop hourly rate to the tenth of an hour. Price per hour as of April 1st 2014 is $110 per hour * with a 5% shop supply fee will be added to every hour of work performed.

--Major projects also known as “Fleet Service ”:
That defined by BMC as Major projects or restorations that a Minimum of 100.0 hours of in-house shop billable time are billed at an adjusted per hourly charge. Usually these are minor restorations or major alteration. Due to the nature of the large projects, customers may receive a lower hourly rate set by BMC. This is due to the difference of large projects vs. the difference and turn around time that small projects require. No small project is allowed this discount. This must be agreed upon by BMC before receiving this "Major project" discount and will be received as a credit only when the hours have reached minimum. The same owner may receive this rate on other vehicles owned by the same person and will apply for two years after “fleet pricing” has been achieved .
Price per hour: Inquire in person.

--Restoration Services :That defined by BMC as Complete Restorations that a minimum of 300.0 hours of in-house shop billable time are billed at the lowest hourly rate. This is considered midrange Restoration to Total and Complete Restoration. Due to the nature of a Restoration, customers may receive this hourly rate set by BMC. This is due to the difference of large projects vs. scope and turn around time that small projects require. No small project is allowed this discount. This must be agreed upon by BMC before receiving the “Restoration” discount and same rules apply as that of “Fleet”. After a restoration is complete, the same owner has the right to receive “Fleet” pricing for all vehicles he/she owns for the next two years. Price per hour: Inquire in person.

*Labour Rate subject to change without website notice.

Down Payment on items: Online items not stocked and all Special orders require a 50% down payment.

Red MG at the BMC British Automobile Open HouseDown Payment, small projects: All projects left for repair will have a payment up front. This will be discussed by the scope of the project before commencement.

Down Payment on large projects: 25% down payment on all large projects is required. This money is used to purchase products and continue services between payments. Since scope of all projects change, this is an estimated amount put down at the beginning that may not reflect the end cost. 

Payment Schedule: Invoices are sent every one to two weeks. Sometimes less on smaller projects or projects waiting. To continue to keep all projects moving smoothly and not have another project be moved 'in front of' a current project, payment must be received within 5 business days of billing.

Payment In Full: Required before the vehicle is released. 

Interest on Payments: Interest charged on all partial or whole unpaid invoices for vehicles or projects left for more than 15 days.

Pick up and Delivery: We understand that you may be unavailable at times and with Classic car Repair and Restoration, many coming in from hundreds and even thousands of miles away, storage may be required before, during or after the process. BMC offers storage at a monthly charge when this is discussed well before the completion of the project. All Vehicles, Projects or items with a remaining balance left for more then 10 days will be subject to a non-Negotiable $20.00 Per Day storage fee.

We are Great at Restoring, Repairing and Modifying and do our Very Best to be Very Caring of all vehicles in our charge but for Space and Liability reasons, cannot be held responsible for any damage to a vehicle held on the property. We keep Shop coverage on projects for testing and test driving but due to the value of Collector cars, you must retain proper and appropriate insurance on the car for the value of the car and project. The value placed on the car in insurance is what the car is valued at. If insurance is not left on the vehicle or project, this leaves it to chance. By request, we can insure the value at cost through Restoration insurance that you will be required to pay up front. In short- We are not liable for damages. Please insure your Baby accordingly.

Completed products will be held onto until final payment clears. If a vehicle cannot be picked up as planned an agreement can usually be reached but must be agreed upon by all parties before the end of the ten day period.

We accept the following payment methods:

  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express Credit or Debit cards.
  • Paypal online
  • Cashiers Check
  • Personal Check

Parts are shipped or vehicles released when money is confirmed and cleared the account with Paypal or personal check- no exceptions. Please note that checks should be paid 10 days in advance.


If you have questions or concerns, Please feel free to call and speak to me. Our policies are there for Everyones protection and to keep our shop moving steadily and happily serving you.

Thank You,

-Brian Mc Cullough,  owner, BMC British Automobile, LLC