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A “Sleeper” Magnette

Interviewing Rich, I said “I would have walked right by your car” and I meant it. Total sleeper and with all the other Magnettes present, there was nothing special looking about it... At first Glance! Wish I could have had a ride in it as soon as the camera was packed away. That is often what many people miss at shows, the actual ‘Go’ portion of things! This video, along with many others taken that day was built to document not only a fine English machine for other vehicles we are working on but American and Canadian Ingenuity that has kept our British cars on the road with Continuing and very much Growing Interests from all Generations!

  • MG ZA Magnette Serial Number 7477
  • Left MG Abingdon 6 May 1955 for the USA
  • Resided in Southern California until 2006 when it
  • was imported to Canada.
  • The ZA currently carries the Nickname, "Ginty"

  • Owned at time of filming by Rich McKie
  • Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
  • Member:
  • North American Z-Magnette Group
  • North American MGA Register

  • Reimported to the USA in 2011 to new owners in Minnesota.


Engine: MGB B-Series 3-main bearing 1800, 9:1CR
bored .060 over for a capacity of 1868cc, Balanced,
Standard cam, Alloy big valve Head, ARP Head Studs.
Eaton M45 Supercharger by Moss Motors, 6-8lb boost.
Custom Cold Air Intake with K&N Filter , Oil Cooler,
Ampco Upper Cylinder Oiler, Filter-King Fuel Regulator/Filter,
Alternator, Pre-engaged Starter
AFR and Boost gauges, Cable Drive Tach.
Pertronix Ignition, Set up for Megajolt Distributorless Ignition
(Not Currently Fitted)
Gearbox: MG 3-synchro Overdrive
Custom Driveshaft and Halfshafts, Final Drive: 3.9:1
Front Suspension and brakes:
K-Mac Swaybar, MGB Kingpins, MGB Calipers,
MGA Twin-Cam Hubs and Rotors, Tube Shocks.
Rear Brakes: MGA Twin-Cam Hubs and Rotors, MGF Calipers. Tube Shocks.
Vredestein 155R-15 Sprint Classic Radials on Dunlop Knock-off Steel Wheels
Custom Dash Panel to accept Early MGB Instruments, Irvin Replica Seatbelts
Lucas Trafficators, Lucas Le-Mans Headlights.
All work done by Owner
Parts Suppliers: Octagon Motor Group, Vancouver B.C. and MG Specialists, Norwich UK