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Ball Joints

The use of ball joints is universal in many areas. Our cars and trucks have them, machinery of all types and even in our bodies. The best way to keep them working for a good long time is maintenance. Keep them clean if possible and lubricated.

Personally I have done well and then not so good. For the most part, having driven and owned many cars/trucks/equipment over the years have had good success. At least when the units have lower mileage on them. As a automotive technician [mechanic] I have seen many that have not had good care. Amazing, when I began my career, the cost to do a 'lube job' was under 5 dollar bill and yet many neglected this. Save the money, but as the old Fram filter ads said, 'Pay me now or pay me later' $2-$5 versus, hundreds in repairs..... A false economy if you ask me.

Well then there are our bodies which have many 'ball joints' In my case, I've just had another and hopefully the last one for a very long time. Both shoulders had torn out rotator cuffs, which were repaired in 2003, but will never again be like what I was born with. This is exactly what took me out of auto repair. Then 25 or so yeas ago a series of joints in my lower back. All caused by thinking I'm made of steel, which I can assure you is NOT true....

In 2006 not being to walk very well and in great pain submitted myself to the right hip total replacement. Now this one looks like it came out of a contemporary Chevrolet. So February 27th went under the knife again for the left side... It will take about 6 weeks to be able to function without much assistance. And if last time is any indicator about a year to walk normally. In 2006 I was told I'd never get into a sports car again.


Unfortunately, I could, 6 weeks after that surgery attending the funeral of a friend in the 'sports car community' But now with my autox car still 'wrinkled' for the May 2011 hill climb and not able to work on that poor thing, my days driving in hill-climbs/speed events/or auto crosses is in doubt.....

So the next question is, 'How do we avoid wearing out our own 'ball joints? Well, #1 don't get old. [hard to avoid] #2 Don't overdo things. #3 Keep 'um lubricated. That is to move them to lubricate them and then there are supplements that claim to work. Personally the cost of glucosamen and condroitin [spelling?] is costly and I substituted with fish oil and flax seed oil, which in my humble opinion did keep me going much longer than without them.

Either way, be aware...

God bless you all.

Dwight McCullough

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