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Power Junction Block

Power junction point allows an Easy Charge lug AND a great place to run all power wires to keeping the engine bay cleaner and the harness away from heat.

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We highly recommend every car have a power junction point, the MGB Doubly so! 
Antiquated wiring designs on many vehicles pre-1980 run a wiring nightmare off the starter to the main loom. This messy and dangerous practice is Not conversant in modern cars! 

Modern harness manufacturers have utilized the power junction to: 
-Lower temperatures on small wires in loom 
-Clean up appearance 
-allow quicker engine and loom installation 
-ease maintenance 
-and add a Power point for easier remote battery charge (MG Never did anything so nice!) 

When installing a new wiring harness or updating your car with Fuel injection or other power needs, a junction block is a Must. Our Power Junction doubles as a main fuse and a Good point to charge the vehicle from after the headlamps are left on! We recommend these as a remote point to run all wires and can be moved to the firewall, side of the engine bay, hid behind the dashboard or in the passengers footwell- out of the way but possible to service or charge a remote battery. 

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Our power junction block 1-040 combined with the power cut out switch 1-010 makes it possible to leave your MGB battery installed year round without removing in the off season and charging it remotely if required. To think a high quality battery in an MGB could go years without being seen!


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