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Throttle Cable Assembly, Universal British


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Enough with the wimpy throttle cables that Bind and throttles driven by steel rod! We have heavy duty throttle cables redesigned for use in British vehicles for delicate street use in stop and go traffic or Club Racing without binding as some do in a short time. First researched by our Engine Conversion Department, we found they work so well and look nearly like the originals so why not use them for standard cars!

Our assembly includes:

Heavy Duty Cable with 36" housing with low bind rate which translates into more throttle control at lower speeds and lower pedal and spring return pressure required,

Fine tuning adjustable barrel to help avoid the aggravation of moving the cable stop a dozen times to adjust the perfect tension for no throttle to 100% throttle positions,

New Throttle Cable Guide with internal cable holder which is a direct fit to MGA/MGB and an easy retrofit to other vehicles,

Additional cable stop that can be installed on either end of the cable allowing you to determine which cable ends best fit your vehicles requirements,

Cable Capture Washers which are required in some throttle cable assemblies or can be modified to fit your vehicle.

For use on on British cars for a cable that should outlast all others when properly adjusted. Long enough to use on a lengthy supercharged MGA throttle assembly (passengers footwell!) and flexible enough to hide the cable and 'snake' it through areas at loose 90 degrees turns which normal cables would not be able to handle without dangerous and constant binding.

Note: This is a universal cable and should be cut to desired length.


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