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Heater System, MGB- Engine to Core


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Heater Conversion System for all RWD Iron Head 60* V6 Engines using the Stock timing cover and MGB heater core.

This system has been specifically designed for the MGB 60 degree V6 from the water pump pickup, to the heater valve, to the heater core and back to the front of the intake manifold.

Items included:
Formed water pump rubber hose 
Intake manifold aluminium barb and hose adapter
Outer pipe w/size conversion fitting 
Inner pipe 
Rubber hose for complete system
Hose clip/clamp set

-and installation instructions


Note: Requires use of aftermarket OR standard MGB heater cable control cable and knob. 

Does NOT include heater valve. We suggest our heater valve (5-110) to complete the system.


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