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Hose, Upper Radiator 3.4L SFI 'L32' V6

Exclusively used on 1977-80 Radiator with the L32 Camaro/Firebird 3.4L timing cover
Designed for the 1993-1995 'L32' 3.4L F-Body engine installed in any year MGB with the *1977-1980 MGB radiator system. No need to change hose inlets or outlets, this works with the supplied adapter without alteration to the original radiator or vehicle.
Note: This may work in other configurations but each system has different thermostat housing sizes, hose length an bend requirements. We recommend this hose specifically for the 3.4L V6 MGB Fuel injection with 77-80 radiators only. Others order at your own risk.
*BMC offers a complete large/late model cooling conversion kit for earlier (1962-1976) MGBs. 


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