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Radiator, 1977-80 and Retro-MGB


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This Stock Late model MGB radiator is not only used as a direct replacement for 1977-1980 MGBs but also the perfect radiator for all year and all engine type V6 and V8 Conversions when installed with our complete retrofit kit.

For more cooling than the stock late model radiator, add one of our high capacity cooling fans. It is not as much the material of the radiator nor the oversize that some claim required But the amount of air drawn through the fins.

Installing a late model Radiator in 1962-1976 model MGB requires the use of installation kit 5-100.


Inlet on Passengers side, outlet on Drivers side. (Left Hand Drive models) 

For the 3.4L ('L32' Camaro) V6 engine use BMC hose 5-140 and 5-195 plug and new or used Expansion tank for 77-80 MGB, Midget 1275, 1500 or other vehicles with pressurized cap expansion tanks.


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