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Flasher, Heavy Duty Electronic

For best results, use in place of the original flasher.

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This two pin Heavy duty electronic flasher works with the low power (low draw) requirements of most of our our L.E.D. systems. If your running standard bulbs in the front, sometimes you can get away with the stock flasher, but if your 20+ year old flasher has any type of wear or you are running L.E.D.s on part of the turn signal or separate Hazard flasher system, you may want to consider replacing to our High Quality Electronic Flasher.

If you have four way flashers, test to see they flash properly. If they do not operate within proper means, we Highly recommend you purchase two- one for turn signal system and another one for the separate Hazard flasher system. 

If you have not switched to L.E.D.s, these flashers will fix a slow or fast flashing turn signal or hazard flasher. Priced competitively to national retailers.

NOTE: Check if your vehicle requires two or three pin. Most cars with two indicator lamps on the dash (Left AND Right) require a two pin. If your vehicle has a single indicator, this may require a three pin flasher. For MGA/MGB, Spridget, and other BMC/BL manufactured vehicles, the three pin was most commonly used on vehicles that were originally Positive Ground and the two pin was most common on Factory Negative Ground vehicles.

FREE SHIPPING IN USA ON ANY FLASHER WHEN SHIPPED WITH ANY SET OF L.E.D.s. Do Not dismay! The automated system will charge freight- we dismiss freight charges on flasher orders placed in the USA with LEDs included.


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