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Pump It Up

We really enjoy original drivelines and the vehicles characters from the era yet we as many owners recognize limitations in comparison to todays standards. Originally installed to be well functioning and economical these engines had purpose for the day. With todays automotive standards our classic motors may feel lacking and while many people enjoy the character yet just as many would like to see more.

From modest updates and upgrades to full race engines we have done more with British iron then most other shops could ever imagine. We understand the parts, have the sources and resources including our vast library of information and technical knowledge to increase the power for your desires.

The main reason people increase power is the car becomes much easier to drive in traffic; going from nervous underpowered to confidently enjoyable. Others enjoy surprising people with what a classic British car can do; these cars are so light that substantial increases come from even minor power improvements. For some its just their needs, their requirements - their ambitions: a craving to which can not be explained in words but all of us who own these cars understand this craving. Your completed vehicle leaves our shop with us knowing you’ll have full confidence merging into traffic and have a feeling of oomph come from wide open throttle.

Engine Conversions and Upgrades

Sometimes the maximum powered reliable streetable engine is not enough and we recognize that even a full race British engine still cannot compare to a engine and/or full driveline conversion. When you want to go from “keep up” to “fly past” this is the option for you.

Balance is always the key; every engine has its limitations and increasing power has the potential to decrease other areas of the driving experience. We focus on your needs and desires: mileage, reliability, power, and having something unique. Some people like to open the hood of their car and show what is under the hood of their customized British ride having a sense of pride in a solid built ride with a professionally installed driveline.

NVH: noise / vibration / harshness - Just one of many recipes we follow to make your vehicle experience much more like a modern car.

Conversions often offer better than compromised fuel economy, often offering better economy with more than twice the power than was offered in the 1950’s through 1980’s. Reliability factor often increases from the gain in technology, age of materials as well as a total and complete change out of every item in the system that may have otherwise been skipped over during the last rebuild.


An engine replacement with newer technology offers more power from idle to redline than many supercharged and highly built engines original to the British cars of this era. one example is an engine that offered less than 100 pounds of torque being replaced with an engine that has more than 200 pounds torque.


Many cars of this era came with standard 4 speeds, some with optional and very costly overdrives. These offer very little in terms of gearing selection, very costly to rebuild and no performance gain. Our conversions offer quite a selection of 5 speeds and automatics which give fantastic acceleration, perfect cruising and mind blowing passing capability While people think its just “all going to fit” when it comes to everything bolting up to the converted engine that is not usually best.

the gearing is not adequate, longevity would be much shorter and the value and driving experience would not be up to modern standards. Replacing your gearbox is essential when doing an engine conversion to have correct spacing between the gears. having a solid gearbox designed for the power upgrades also brings about a car you can roll through the gears and tight uphill corners.


the differential should be considered for varying items including total gearing, limited slip, wheel type, axle width and brake design. We can discuss this with you to your project needs.

Differential gearing is set up for engine maximum power, camshaft and compression design, fuel economy and gearbox spacing and ratios. This is an often overlooked item that we can pinpoint exactly what you need based on the overall driveline and vehicle build type.

Lights Camera Action

Ever hit the brakes hard only to having that nerve racking feeling of the driver behind you is more aware of the text message on the cel then they are of your classic British car? Have a lot more confidence with a set of LED tail lights! These brake lights instantly brighten up the rear of your classic and really come on bright to make you noticed! As we have always felt: brake lights are more for the car being you then they are for yourself.

And of course everyone agrees; lights of the past do not compare to lights of today. Not only are our tail lamps a drastic improvement we also suggest headlamp improvements! Their purpose: for you to see and for them to see you! Improving the electrical system to the headlamps and even improving the headlamps will change your attitude about driving at night! Ask us how you can have the confidence to enjoy an evening drive across town!

Shocking Advancements

We tend to understate our need for a good wiring system; for example most people tend to put their vehicles away when it rains or gets cooler out. Sometimes it’s too hot out or perhaps dusk tends to make these classic rides run back to their garages to be put away. We want both the driver and passenger to have an enjoyable ride so they can take a drive through the countryside.

Faulty or insufficient wiring is fixable, repairable, replaceable and upgradeable. When searching to update lighting, driveline or vehicle restoration, wiring most often comes into question. We offer more wiring ideas and harness types of our own and that from other manufacturers to give you the most options available.

We like to step it up; to give you the experience and confidence in your classic car. Whether its comfort that comes in the form of your heater fan to keep you warm and demise the windscreen to headlamps and turn signals that operate consistently and at full brightness we’ll deal with the technical so you can enjoy the open road.

We get deep into the systems too so you don’t need to. We can resolve manufacture defects, improve upon and will bring your electrical system to modern standards. Whether installing a new harness to your requirements, fuel injection systems on a classic or simply installing a few relays for lighting upgrades, we know how to improve the Lucas Electrical system or simply replace it with the best: BMC British Automobile Wiring Harnesses.

Look At That Body

Classy and elegant. Sporty and pops out. These are some of the flavors we offer to replace the standard appearance of your classic car. While you enjoy the original and respectable stance of your car you have questions on how to enhance certain areas of the car. We have made cosmetic improvements to cars just like yours both from modest to extraordinary.

Some look at their cars with the attitude that a fresh coat of paint will enhance the look; while we don’t encourage every car that comes through our doors to go beyond that we do promote the ideas of changing to a color that was not decided some 60 years ago from the guy in the accounts department - this is YOUR car and what YOU want to experience from it. This includes the experience of standing at a distance and admiring your classic against a background and complementing the scenery from the alterations you may do. We understand and love both hearing and seeing the results. Let us make yours into that picturesque photo opportunity.

For those who fall into the moderate to extreme we share the same passion for something that stands out as unequal and one of a kind appearance. Widen the body, get some stance with custom wheels and alter some body lines to give it a streamline butterfly appearance. From mild to cosmetically wild we will make your classic a showroom floor eye popper and stopper.

Improve Your Experience

Improve Your Experience