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Smooth Travels

We drive our classics to experience the open road; its in our hearts and souls to create and recreate memories and we want to feel confident driving our cars.

Adding to the car can certainly enhance the flavor yet how can your confidence increase with your car? Our approach to improving your ride is through increasing safety and making the car look classier. We can do this for example by revising lighting through brighter LED taillights and upgraded front headlights. We also enjoy adding those creature comforts so any day during the year feels great with our breathable seats. It might take improving the suspension bushings for a solid feeling of going down the road and around the bank.

There are many ways to achieve confidence and each car and driver has different needs; some recognized and some that when we talk with you we find are subconscious. Its actually quite fascinating when we relate and provide you with solutions that help you to get 100% out of your car. Give us a call or an email and help us help you get the most out of your classic.

Saddle Up

We emphasize confidence in British classics coming through our shop. Thats why we feel its important to look over the entire car including the commonly overlooked that the non British classic specialists would not know; especially those vehicles that are driven infrequently.

You will always get the speech of anything with a liquid needs regular maintenance, anything with a gasket or seal and of course machined surfaces for our classic rides. Yet in all of these speeches you hear from mechanics who has given you that confidence to drive without the worries that haunt some older vehicles? We can give you that confidence!

We know the ins and outs of this to which is our passion: Classic British Automobiles and their unique needs for their age and designs. For a start we can ensure your brakes, clutch and electrical system are evaluated and ensured rock solid as these are some of the most commonly overlooked maintenance areas on these cars. Schedule a time with us to have your classic become comfortably and confidently driven.

Keep On Rollin'

To build classic British vehicles into something that compares with todays daily commuters you need the skills our shop offers. We have the know how, skills and specilties to convert the common weak points of your car into the strong - so you have turn-key confidence.

Classic cars usually were only built for a single purpose; while that was a standard back in the day vehicles today are designed for a multitude of conditions and situations and most people are intimidated by the lack of functionality after a short time in a classic vehicle because of these situations. While the gearing and cooling system is perfect for the weekend stop light cruiser it was never geared for those wanting to take the car across country. Others find somewhere in the experience of their vehicle lacking and we want you to enjoy the car while preserving that feel while on the American roadways of today.

We recognize that function is important; we also believe the prestige in these cars: an extension and connection to Great Britain, a connection to history, a connection to the past. The pride of owning a vehicle that passes others through reliability, comfort and agility. And even though these cars were not built in The United States of America they have become a part of our history; bringing a commonality to us and Great Britain. We want to make sure your car represents this pride though all the craftsmanship and skills we have to offer.

Electrifying Rides

There are two failures in electrical systems: to meet your expectations and the other is failure to illuminate.

British cars have a stereotypical electrical system however every car has its failures; the Achilles' heel - being familiar with these issues we not only can solve the problems but also can bring resolutions that will last for years to come. Switches, bullet connectors, sockets and some charging systems: most problems originate from these due to location and years of wear.

One major electrical system failure/flaw is in the DPO: AKA- dreaded previous owner. You know the guy, the one who did his own “unique” wiring jobs. The ones that make things function but didn’t take the time to do it right; and it may not even be their fault. Sometimes while something appears to work it may have had lack of wiring, proper connection type or cause a variety of electrical experiences (I.E. shocking and sparking)

Original electrical systems worked and still can function very well although compare them to your modern driver you get the feeling of deficiency; sometimes its due to grounding issues, wiring issues that caused shorts or aged connections that break connection while going over a bump. Sometimes the lights or other electrical mechanics alone have a loss of power causing lack of expected full power perhaps even headlights that are dim and yellow - not quite up to what you remember. What we have here is failure to illuminate!