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Electrifying Rides

There are two failures in electrical systems: to meet your expectations and the other is failure to illuminate.

British cars have a stereotypical electrical system however every car has its failures; the Achilles' heel - being familiar with these issues we not only can solve the problems but also can bring resolutions that will last for years to come. Switches, bullet connectors, sockets and some charging systems: most problems originate from these due to location and years of wear.

One major electrical system failure/flaw is in the DPO: AKA- dreaded previous owner. You know the guy, the one who did his own “unique” wiring jobs. The ones that make things function but didn’t take the time to do it right; and it may not even be their fault. Sometimes while something appears to work it may have had lack of wiring, proper connection type or cause a variety of electrical experiences (I.E. shocking and sparking)

Original electrical systems worked and still can function very well although compare them to your modern driver you get the feeling of deficiency; sometimes its due to grounding issues, wiring issues that caused shorts or aged connections that break connection while going over a bump. Sometimes the lights or other electrical mechanics alone have a loss of power causing lack of expected full power perhaps even headlights that are dim and yellow - not quite up to what you remember. What we have here is failure to illuminate!