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Rebuilt Clockwise for 1980-86 and 3.4 crate motors timing covers

LED Taillights

For best results, use in place of the original flasher.

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The Healey Hillclimb is my favorite event. I've had the pleasure of driving it several times and any time I can, I volunteer to work corners. It's impossible to find a place to see such a diverse gr [ ... ]

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Ball Joints

The use of ball joints is universal in many areas. Our cars and trucks have them, machinery of all types and even in our bodies. The best way to keep them working for a good long time is maintenance.  [ ... ]

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Modern Reliability with Our Classic Vehicles

Why do modern engines and vehicles last so long? I was listing out the other day why cars from say 1990 last so many more miles than cars from say, cars built in 1940. I came up with three key poin [ ... ]

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Electrical Mental Overload

Here is an idea that most people miss on their Classic British car that should be considered on any year vehicle: I’ll start with the idea of 19. The is the number of bulbs I count running in a  [ ... ]

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Your Exclusive British Automobile Shop

Yes, BMC is a Restoration Shop for British cars! Even though the BMC website Represents ALL of our work as a Restoration, Repair and Conversion shop that also sells through the World Wide Web, we are [ ... ]

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Why Convert Your Classic British Automobile?

containingBlock { width:50%; align: center; } .videoWrapper { position: relative; padding-bottom: 56.25%; padding-top: 25px; height: 0; } .videoWrapper object, .videoWrapper e [ ... ]

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