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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Meet Mike.

Mike is the Project Manager at BMC and has been a lifelong Automotive Professional & Enthusiast. He graduated Hennipen Tech Auto Mechanics in 1979, and following this, took a three year term in the US Army. He spent the better portion of the 1980's-90's as a mechanic, but also continued his education in Automotive Machinist classes at Dunwoody during this time. His post Mechanic years include Top Alcohol Dragster Crew Chief, Co-owner of Ironheads- a 5 axis cylinder head company, and impressive resume as management of well known companies around the twin cities for more than 20 years. Mike has a knack for instructing and laying out projects. Mike has a 1984 Corvette that he uses to pick up groceries. He built the 350 four bolt main case V8 with a dry sump, Callies crankshaft, Holiver Rods and Wiseco Pistons, with a Solid lifter Roller camshaft, Brodix cylinder heads and 6-71 blower are fit with Mechanical fuel injection between it all. This is followed up by a Borg Warner super T10 four-speed and a nine-inch Ford 3.50:1 differential with a Detroit Locker.

We're still working with him to refer to the Hood as the part of the car that fits over the drivers head, rather than the motor.

Meet John. 

John has been a Spanner Monkey for BMC after moving on from modern vehicles. If he was still working on Modern cars, we would have referred to him as a Man who Wrenches for a living, but that just doesn't sound right in a British car shop. John can be seen moving through inspections as well as corrections request by customers. Although John loves repairing our Classics, he's still looking for his next project car, possibly an El Camino

Currently, we're working to get him to pronounce Garage in Correct UK form, to His Majesty's liking.

Meet Amanda.

Amanda is our Electrician as well as one of our Mechanics in the shop. She has installed a number of complete wiring looms as well as partials and repairs. Besides for being an Electrical Specialist currently in the Minnesota Air Force National Guard, she recently Graduated with Honors from Anoka Tech as a Construction Electrician. We are glad to have such skill in-house! Amanda has a winter beater, a nifty summer car, a 1971 CB350 Motorbike she rides, as well as a 1959 MGA Roadster that she is currently repairing years of corrosion damage to the frame. 

Meet John.

We are so Grateful to have John R. as part of our team. John and his Family ran a very successful Autobody shop for better than 15 years where they not only took on general bodywork but also Many body Restoration projects. These projects included both American and British vehicles. John is very familiar with MGs, Triumphs, as well as Jaguars. For those in the know, John has tamed the wild E-Type Bonnet. John has restored vehicles for himself and loves racing when the opportunity arrises. He built his own Custom Bodied 1936 Chevrolet Drag Race Truck with his own stretched and custom cab with a 355 Small Block Chevy and Turbo 350. His last personal Ground-up was a 1969 Plymouth Baracuda Fastback.

Meet Bob.

Bob has been with us for more than a Decade and we consider him the Swiss Army Knife of our shop. Bob is Retired Navy, our Electronics Specialist and has overseen our Bespoke products produced and offered by BMC. This line of products include the Manufacturing of Classic Auto LEDs brand lights (and why we off a 10 Year Warranty!) as well as the Specialty wiring looms for our Vehicles, and Engine and Brake Conversion items. These items are made here, in-house and often directly by his hands. Bob is both an Electronics Guru as well as an Internal combustion fan, based on his current fleet. Besides for other projects, he has a really nifty 1970 MG Midget.

 Meet John.

Yes, believe it or not, Meet John 3, err, John E. Actually, he's First John, not to get Biblical, but he was here First! Had he written this, he would have upped-the-ante on Dad Jokes. John has done so much for us over the last Decade Plus. When John officially retired from a long career, he came to help us and has been part of the Tapestry ever since. He's worked on cars, dealt with incoming and outgoing packages, answered calls and questions, attends local club meetings, and in the past number of years has been our link on Social media and the Go-To guy for our websites and Newsletters. If you are connected to one of our facebook pages, Newsletter, or even some pages on this website, you've come across his work. Before he had his license, he purchased his first car- a 1930 Model A Ford with a Rumble Seat. He kept it at his friends house so his Mom wouldn't find out. In 1964 (when he recieved his license) he started driving this stock appearing Model A with a Ford 312ci V8 (bored out to 324!) Y-Block with Three-Dueces and a three speed manual! It was updated to 'Juice Brakes', which later gave out. John has owned many neat projects over the years and is currently working to finish up his Bored and Cammed 1293cc motorcycle carb'ed Austin Mini.

 Meet Lisa.

 Lisa is a staple of the office. See what I said there? Office. Staple. Yes, Dad Jokes abound. Lisa keeps us on our toes and is Always spot on. Great at what she does, she's not only our resident bookkeeper, but she's also the friendly voice on the other end of the phone and keeps everything running smoothly. When it comes to multi-tasking, Lisa's the master organizer, and her accuracy is always on point. Lisa's dream car is an El Camino. As much as she would like the aforementioned El Camino, she finds great Joy in her family and time spent fishing. Also, she takes great pride in her Mini pup...now larger than the MG gas cap.

Meet Ryan.

Ryan is our Research assistant for the Project Manager. If your cylinder head bolts have a torque value of 47lbs, you ordered Biscuit coloured seats, have Good Year tyres ordered for your vehicle, and a certain style of Lucas light installed, there is a very good chance that Ryan located these items. Ryan has some pretty neat "Dailys" including a Ford Model T and a Saturn nicknamed "Tupperware". Ryan is an Early VW fan with his family owning several different Beetles and at least one Bus. To add to his Eclectic group of vehicles, Ryan rides a Ural Motorbike with a sidecar, manufactured in Russia.

Meet Rebecca. 

If Bob is our Swiss Army Knife, Rebecca is his sidekick, The Spork. Rebecca has produced hundreds of LED light sets and wiring loom components. She assists in the office as needed, and especially works on website programming and photos. She has interest in web design, and has furthered her education in this field. As we continue to build the website, Rebecca's on this. She Drives her families MG Midget occationally, and we see more of that in the Future.

Meet Jennifer. 

Jennifer is the Lovely wife of Brian, and co-owner of BMC. Jennifer loves rides through the Countryside in the MGB. She's awaiting the day that her Favourite car, the Frogeye, is back in Action (Brian!). Her Best memories are running with SCCA and Twin City Rally Club and wants a chance to do it again soon (Brian!). These have been completed in both the MGB, as well as years ago in the Bugeye. Amongst her many hats at BMC, she loves being the Hostess to the events and make tasty treats for everyone to enjoy.

 Meet Brian.

Brian started BMC British Automobile, llc officially full time on 21 May 2000. Previously, in 1999 opened a MN sales tax number, but keep going further back and you will find he was basically working for others independently back to the age of 15   -or Younger.

Brian Mc Cullough, where we get the "BMC" in front of, British Automobile has always been in the automotive industry as this is where he was trained, and completely where his passion lies. 


Brian claims there are three types of Collector car owners. 

Quality- where you own one or a few cars, which all operate and look nice. 

Quantity- where you have many cars, they're probably parts cars that you can't actually admit that to yourself. (to thine ownself be true) Brian may be one of these, although he has many operating collector vehicles. 

-and the Final category is Jay Leno- who we understand has both quality and quantity and he practices what we preach: Drive Your Cars! 

 Your Name Here: ____________.

 We're Hiring! Do you have the skill you believe might fit our shop floor, office, sales, marketing, OR other need? We're a small but passionate Family Friendly company, and all on our team get to try on several hats. If you are looking for boring slow paced work: Stay on the production line at Mega-Giant Corporation, Inc. If you want Challenging work that is ever changing, Check us out:     Listed Positions

Don't see the position that you feel we should have? 

Please, Talk to us about it!

Until then, we'll consider you The Stig.

​​Don't know who the Stig is? Maybe it's You.


 I start with my Dad, Dwight Mc Cullough, who was a Mercedes-Benz (BMW and Rolls Royce) Specialist for many years and ran his own business for 15 years. He has continuously owned, maintains and raced his own British cars including an MGB autocrosser, a Bugeye as well as others. I was far more interested in the Austin Healey Sprites and MG B’s then any Mercedes or BMW Coupé after assisting on the complete restore of a 1913 Hudson that would pull in for repairs and since he always had his Sprites around, I was hooked at a Very young age.

By the time I was eleven years old, I had a good understanding of compression ratios, a little understanding of camshafts, gearboxes and lots on electrical. I had already rewired a few pieces of his recently repainted and disassembled Bugeye (while he was AWAY at work!) and worked out the four wheel drum brake dragging problem on the same ‘59 Bugeye.

As I grew older, I would hang around his shop and eventually worked under him. We worked together for a few years and then I went off on my own some time after high school. Continuing on a ‘self study’ course collecting everything I could and talking to anyone who had anything to say about automotive Repairs, Restorations or Alterations, all the time retaining to the Anglophile that already had people in high school pegging me as that guy who drove them funny foreign cars! Corrections to be made people, they aren't Foreign, they are British!

 I worked at a few small shops learning the bottom end of the repair business and then went to work for Tom at Odyssey Restorations- restoring true Classic automobiles from turn of the century to “as new as” 1936 full Classics such as Franklin, Packard, Pierce Arrow and other names associated with Proper American vehicles. This was a wonderful place with the highest quality workmanship in the Midwest (and then some as proven by awards!) and I would recommend them to anyone looking to restore American Classics. While my time at Odyssey was drawing to an end, I was steadily building up parts, supplies, tooling, skill and information and more for starting British Automobile.


Our first cars when the shop went full time was a 1950 Morgan Plus 4, a 1960 Bugeye -and more.

Family owned and operated. As seen by our daughter performing cleanup services.
In 2002 we moved to a new location with a new home and newly expanded shop. We advertise our square footage as "adequate" working on four to six vehicles at any given time with storage for many more at our second location.

An interesting item about Brian is he ran as Crew Chief for the 2003 La Carrera Panamericana with a Morris Minor Estate (the only 1275cc that came special order).

In summer, Brian drives his 1980 MGB 3.4L V6, sometimes the shop parts runner- the 1971 Morris Minor VAN, the Family Truck a 1961 Morris Minor Pickup, his Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc, his year round Daily- a '99 Saturn SLII DOHC 5-speed (because his last name starts with "Mc", often referred to as a "Mick"), and once in a while, the F250 and enclosed trailer when the need arrises to go from a small motorbike to a combined vehicle length of around 50' long.