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Classic British Auto Engine Performance Shop

Performance & Upgrades

Full Restorations, Service, Parts and Expertise in all Classic British Marques.

Originally, these vehicles were built to be affordable. Thy utilized the technology available at that time. For the period, this generally afforded a well functioning and economical engine, brakes, and suspension. Although the 'Bean Counters' had a lot to say about the way a vehicle was built,  they really are decent when compared to other vehicles of the age. The problem? We've moved on. This is the Future. WELCOME! Speak to us about keeping up the appearance and the 'Flavour' of your Classic British Vehicle, while simultaneously .

Going Beyond.

Break out of the mundane with today's automotive standards. BMC can help you enjoy the character of your Classic with improvements in braking, handling, acceleration, gearing, cooling, cabin comfort, as well as many other improvements.

From modest updates and upgrades to full race engines we have done more with British iron then most other shops could ever imagine. We understand the parts, have the sources and resources including our vast library of information and technical knowledge to increase the power for your desires.

The main reason people increase power is the car becomes much easier to drive in traffic; going from nervous under powered to confidently enjoyable. Others enjoy surprising people with what a classic British car can do; these cars are so light that substantial increases come from even minor power improvements. For some its just their needs, their requirements - their ambitions: a craving to which can not be explained in words but all of us who own these cars understand this craving. Your completed vehicle leaves our shop with us knowing you’ll have full confidence merging into traffic and have a feeling of oomph come from wide open throttle.

Engine Upgrade or Conversion?

We can add power to the Original Driveline. Larger bore, Better Camshaft, Stronger Ignition, Freer Flowing Cylinder head, Lighter Rotating Assembly- Street OR Race Engine.

Sometimes the maximum powered reliable (street-able) standard engine is not enough. When you want to go from “keep up” to “fly past” an Engine Conversion May be the option for you. Along with building Strong Classic British Engines, we also produce, and are well known for our Engine Conversions. If this is a direction you would like to take, please have a conversation with us to see if we can help match the engine/Driveline of your choice, with a budget that matches what it realistically requires.

High Speed Differential Upgrade

In the midwest (planes/Flatlands) you might not need the short gears that were designed for lower speeds between the Hedgerows in England. Many roads, since these cars were produced have been paved, flattened, and are higher speed. Going with a higher speed (lower Numerical) differential gear set will give a higher speed car while achieving lower and more comfortable engine speeds for a much improved Driving Experience.

5 Speed Conversion

Cruise at a lower RPM with a new top gear.

Power Tune Engine

Get more power from the classic British engine you love. As mentioned in Engine upgrade, we can do quite a bit while rebuilding your engine, but sometimes it just requires a little tuning. Sometimes things go well enough that some have asked us for an engine rebuild, but after some tuning, there is a possibility you may go years more on what you have.

Suspension Upgrades

Enjoy the drive with a smoother ride and better cornering. We use better suspension bushings, improved anti-roll (anti-sway) bar technologies, and even some aftermarket suspension systems in some cases.

All this said, we see many who believe going away from teh original suspension is going to somehow magically transform their car into something else, and even hear from people who have done such things. One Truth we have found is that when you go from worn out original to rebuilt original OR aftermarket, the ride improves. For those who are convinced you must move away from the original suspension in every case, we suggest that is Commonly Untrue! Most often, street cars are rebuilt using original type suspension components with a few enhancements with great results for many Decades to come.