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Minnesota MBG Auto Restorations

MGB Restorations

We're  your premier destination for classic British Automobile Service, Repair, and Restoration. We bring passion and precision to every project, ensuring your beloved MGB receives the care and attention it deserves. With a team of dedicated experts and a deep appreciation for British automotive heritage, we are committed to reviving the timeless charm and performance of your MGB. Join us in celebrating the legacy of these iconic vehicles and let us help you drive a piece of history.

Our Comprehensive MGB Restoration Process

Restoring an MGB to its former glory involves several meticulous steps to ensure both authenticity and reliability. Our restoration process includes:

  1. Initial Assessment and Planning We start with a thorough inspection of your MGB, developing a detailed restoration plan tailored to its specific needs. This stage includes budget and timeline estimation to keep you informed throughout the project.
  2. Bodywork and Paint Our skilled technicians address any rust or damage, performing sheet metal fabrication and replacement as needed. We then apply a high-quality paint job, either in the original color or a custom hue of your choice, and finish with chrome plating and polishing for that classic shine.
  3. Engine and Mechanical Systems Whether it’s an engine overhaul or a complete replacement, we ensure your MGB runs like new. This includes refurbishing the transmission, upgrading the suspension and braking systems, and restoring the exhaust system.
  4. Interior Restoration We reupholster seats in materials that match the original design or your personal preference, repair or replace the dashboard and instrumentation, and install new carpets and trim. Modern amenities can be integrated without compromising the classic look.
  5. Electrical Systems Electrical reliability is crucial, so we replace or repair the wiring harness, restore the lighting system, and upgrade various electrical components to enhance performance and dependability.
  6. Final Assembly and Testing After reassembling all components with care, we conduct comprehensive testing and tuning to ensure optimal performance. Each vehicle undergoes rigorous quality control inspections to meet our high restoration standards.
  7. Documentation and Handover At completion, we provide detailed documentation of the entire restoration process. We conduct a final walkthrough with you, offering recommendations for ongoing maintenance and care to keep your MGB in pristine condition.

Explore our gallery below to see some of our previous MGB restorations and witness the craftsmanship that goes into each project.

Previous MGB Restorations

Explore our previous MGB restorations, where meticulous attention to detail and a love for classic British automobiles come to life. Each project showcases our commitment to excellence, from the restoration of vintage interiors to the flawless finishing of iconic exteriors. Our gallery highlights the transformation of these timeless vehicles, capturing the essence of their original charm while enhancing their performance and reliability. Dive into our collection of restored MGBs and witness the craftsmanship that goes into preserving the legacy of these beloved classics.

Tailored Restorations:

We understand that every car and every owner has a unique story. Choose from a range of restoration options to fit your vision and budget:

  • Revitalization: Breathe new life into your car with Essential Repairs and/or Cosmetic touch-ups.
  • Partial Restoration: Focus on specific areas for a refreshed look and improved performance.
  • Rolling Restoration: Year One. Focus on Reliability. Year Two. Continued Improvements. Year Three. Start the Cosmetics- and so on... 
  • Complete Restoration: Our Most Comprehensive service, bring your car to a showroom-worthy masterpiece.
  • Resto-Mod: Blend classic aesthetics with modern performance enhancements for a truly Bespoke driving experience.

Unparalleled Expertise:

Our team boasts Decades of experience with British cars. We possess a vast knowledge of parts, fabrication skills, and historical data to ensure an authentic restoration process.

Beyond Original Condition:

Today's traffic demands can sometimes outpace the performance of classic engines. We offer a range of powertrain and vehicle upgrades to enhance safety and driving enjoyment while staying true to your car's heritage.

  • Improved drivability: Merge with confidence and experience the joy of responsive acceleration with some engine, gearbox and axle improvements.
  • Modernized performance: Discover the hidden potential of your classic with carefully considered Stopping power and Handling upgrades.
  • Electrical improvements: With better Exterior Lighting to enhance your Safety on the road along with hidden improvements in heating, cooling, and charging.
  • Respectful modification: We Prioritize Maintaining the Essence of your car while Enhancing its Capabilities.

The Drive You Deserve:

We go beyond simply restoring a car – we rekindle the connection between you and your automotive passion Contact BMC today for a free consultation and rediscover the thrill of owning a classic British car!

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British Auto Paint & Body Work

Classic Car paint and body work requires special attention, we're committed to making that paint shine better than new.

Breathe New Life into Your Classic British Auto's Interior: 

We can work with your Upholstery, Seats, Carpets, Hoods (Soft Tops), Dashboards, & More. We also install sound deadening and a separate spray on Thermo-insulation for those with serious projects and the need to keep their passenger comfortable. We work both in-house, and with local partners to Restore and Replace your interior.

British Auto Fabrication & Steel Work

Whether your in need of some steelwork for your Vintage Racecar or Corrosion Repair for your Granddad's MG ZB Magnette, we can help. Our in-house fabricators will work the project until it is how you want it.

British Auto Electrical Issues? Tangled Wiring? Dealing with a DPO?

How many owners have told us they purchased a car several years back and they are still dealing with the Dreaded Previous Owner last "Repairs"? Duct tape, vice grips and scotch locks holding your wiring loom and lighting together? On-Off-Flicker describe the three positions to your light switches? Let us Diagnose and bring these things back to spec and better. During our Inspection, we will give options including:

• Rewiring and repair of minor items.

• Upgrade fuse and relay systems, along with added items such as driving lamps.

• Replacement with stock or massively update the system to your needs.

Petrol Systems, Carburetion & Exhaust often overlooked...

-and often will leave you on the side of the road, sometimes with an unhappy passenger. Let's look at this during our initial inspection and see where this need to go to make your car as reliable as we can. While we're checking out the Air and Petrol systems, we're also seeing the condition of your exhaust. We have many choices on standard or performace exhaust if it comes to that as well.

Engine & Driveline

Restore your Classic Car to like new with the original driveline built to a better standard, or alternative running gear, giving you unshackled options that the accounting department at your Favorite manufacturer would Never have allowed. 


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