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Classic British Car Engine Conversions

Engine Conversions

Turbocharged? Supercharged? I4?  V6?  V8?

Austin Mini Austin Healey Jaguar MG Morgan Sunbeam Triumph TVR

Sometimes the Maximum "Streetable" power Reliably pulled from a Factory engine is not enough. Whether you live in the mountains and just don't have what it takes to get up the hill, or the engine is just not enough for the plans of your car, BMC can Help.

We recognize that even a full race engine cannot compare to a engine and full driveline conversion. When you want to go from “keeping up” to “fly past”, let us help you Explore Options that work best for you.

Balance is always the key; every engine has its limitations and increasing power has the potential to decrease other areas of the driving experience and ownership. We focus on your needs and desires: mileage, reliability, power, maintenance, Enjoyment, and having something unique. Some people like to open the Bonnet of their car and show what's their. We produce solid built professionally installed drivelines, and it shows.

NVH: Noise / Vibration / Harshness - Just one of many items we take an approach to when fitting a system to your car to make the experience a more enjoyable fit.

Conversions often offer better than compromised fuel economy with more than twice the power than was offered in the 1950’s through 1980’s. Reliability factor often increases from the gain in technology, age of materials as well as a total and complete change out of every item in the system that may have otherwise been skipped over during the last rebuild.


An engine replacement with newer technology offers more power from idle to redline than many supercharged and highly built engines original to the British cars of this era. one example is an engine that offered Less than 100 pounds of torque being replaced with an engine that has Greater than 200 pounds torque.


Many cars of this era came with standard 4 speeds, some with optional, and now very costly overdrives. These offer very little in terms of gearing selection, costly to rebuild, and no performance gain. Our conversions offer quite a selection of 5 speeds and automatics, giving Fantastic acceleration, perfect cruising and mind blowing passing capability- all well giving better fuel economy to boot.

The gearing is not adequate, longevity would be much shorter and the value and driving experience would not be up to modern standards. Replacing your gearbox is essential when doing an engine conversion to have correct spacing between the gears. having a solid gearbox designed for the power upgrades also brings about a car you can roll through the gears and tight uphill corners.


The differential should be considered for varying items including total gearing, limited slip, wheel type, axle width and brake design. We can discuss this with you to your project needs.
Differential gearing is set up for engine maximum power, camshaft and compression design, fuel economy and gearbox spacing and ratios. This is an often overlooked item that we can pinpoint exactly what you need based on the overall driveline and vehicle build type.