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BMC Supplementary V6 3.4L 'L32' Assembly Manual

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Guide to converting a 3.4L SFI engine to a (MGB) smaller engine bay

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26.00 VAT Excluded

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Make: MG
Make / Model: MG MGB / MGC
Catagory: V6 Engine Conversions
Brand: BMC


Internal Reference: 2-102

Although the RWD 60ºV6 Conversion kit is supplied with instructions on fitting the standard engine block for the 2.8, 3.1, and 3.4L 60ºV6 engine and T5 five-speed into the Engine Bay, this manual specifically instructs the 3.4L Camaro/Firebird 'L32' V6 in fuel injected and non A/C fitment. This information allows you to start to remove the unneeded items and turn the stock Camaro/Firebird engine into something that fits small engine bays, most specifically targeted to the MGB conversions, although it can help with other conversions. It references other items we offer to make decisions easier for your conversion. Although these instructions are specific to size the engine down for the small engine bay of the MGB, it can be used as a good start to keep what's needed and put aside the parts that are not. It can be considered for information on other MGs, or even Triumphs, Sunbeams, Volvos and other Small engine bays. We Highly recommend FIRST having the Camaro/Firebird 3.4L engine on hand Before ordering this, so the information provided makes sense. Also , please feel free to contact us for a parts list that helps in making decisions on the overall conversion!

Although this information can be used for variations of the MGB with the 3.4L V6, it is written specifically for the:

1) 3.4L out of the 1993-1995 Camaro/Firebird 

2) into "MGB engine bay configuration" 

3) when sticking with Factory fuel injection manifold 

4) and non-Air Conditioning. $1.00 worth of paper, Hundreds of dollars worth of your time Saved!

A Partial Sample of this booklet will be placed as a download on this page in the future.