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Complete, Premium British Vehicle Wiring System

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Full Wiring loom, British Car, Engine Choices Available!

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For All British vehicles               Please Note: This is Not manufactured more specifically to MGB specifications 

When Complete Headlamp to Taillamp Wiring Loom Replacement for any British Classic is needed, this system is made to modify and works in Jaguars, Austin Healeys, Triumphs, Morgans and Many Other British Sports and Saloon Cars! This system gives More Fuses and Relays than any other system- we've installed them so all you have to do is wire this up without the hassle of adding additional relays all over the car as other systems would have you! Use with either standard drivelines, or modified/repowered I4, I6, V6, V8, or other engine types. We've produced this system for Fuel injection, but as it's easier to backdate, Carburetor backdating is fairly straight forward. Have we thought of it all? Nearly.

The BMC wiring loom sticks with the well known Lucas Wiring 'Colours' used on every British car seemingly from the beginning of time, making this a Snap to understand. Just google Lucas Wiring Colours for almost every British vehicle. It's a shame that American Manufacturers didn't have a single Universal wiring color system like the British do! 

This system includes fuses and relays on just about every circuit, making certain that it will properly operate and have protection on all circuits, the way a great system should.

Options Available: This system, at its core, is a headlamp to taillamp system, with everything in the middle included. While we may not have Every engine wiring loom currently available (LSx, 302, Rover, LX9, Etc.), we manufacture a plug so other injected engine wiring systems can beplugged in directly. A Carburetted engine? No issues- our plug includes enough wiring on the engine side to run your wires to directly. Do you have an engine wiring loom that you would like to splice in? We may be able to work with you on this as well! Email us with your questions.


• Allows for Carburetor or Fuel injection systems. 

• Relays for Low and Main Headlamp beams, parking lamps, High heater setting, fuel pump, engine cooling fan, ignition, starter, brake lamps, and more relays. Includes both turn and hazard indicator flasher units built in for incandescent or LED lighting. Our fuses and relays are the most compact design to save space in your vehicle. The fuse and relay panel are produced to best fit the right hand side of the dashboard but with a little work, can be fit elsewhere.

• All systems include an additional relay & fuse for fog/driving lights- or whatever you decide to use on this circuit. 

• Optional Air Conditioning fuse and relay.

• Using a BMC Engine wiring loom or not, we have the engine wiring plugs, so you can easily "unplug" the engine, if it requires removal in the future: No need for a separate (Stand Alone) engine and body fuse and relay system- we cover it all inside our system, no matter your engine choice. 

• The design sticks to the Lucas wiring 'colours' on the vehicle side for easy trace and understanding of all British wiring.

MGB Builders, Please Note: This is NOT our MGB Specific wiring loom, but a variation thereof. Specific MGB Wiring looms can be found HERE. As it is produced to fit various vehicle models, it is not wrapped or sized specifically for the MGB so it is easier to use for many vehicles.  Although similar to our MGB wiring loom, specific lengths, specific plugs and other items are not installed in this.

While other "American" manufacturers have switched to Chinese produced wiring- where a couple of items are installed "in the USA", our wiring is Completely hand built in House, a Made in Minnesota product. Admittedly, this means we do not Race-to-the-Bottom with the lowest cost product. We produce Lasting Premium Wiring and Product Solutions.

What comes in the Kit?

Main wiring loom runs from the back of the firewall to the headlamps. This main section holds the fuse and relay station, and all other wiring connects directly to this system through open and weathertight plugs as needed. Although the fuse and relay section has all connections soldered and almost everything has weatherpack seals, we still prefer to use this on teh inside of our own projects to keep the engine bay appearance "Clean". Your opinion may vary.

Dashboard wiring on every converted vehicle is wired differently. From the main loom, We produce a plug system that allows the dashboard to be wired up on the workbench, for ease of installation and potential removal later, as we have found the need to remove dashboards from projects from time to time. (MGB and other Windscreen or various cars steering column issues anyone?) Build it easier on the workbench, then install it!

Engine wiring is separated by an included Delphi-Packard weatherpack plug system for easy removal of the driveline. This feature is not included in the budget systems that can be found in generic "hot rod" systems. Useful for both carb or FI engines.

Tail lamp wiring which comes in either a portion of the main wiring loom or plugs into the main system with the fuse and relay panel, usually under the dashboard. This wiring holds all your rear lighting, fuel pump, sender and general wiring to the rear of any vehicle.

Some Options available on some Engine Models.

• All connections are crimped and soldered.

• Shrink tube used where required.

• Call us before or after the sale. We're here to help guide you through the process.

A Last word on this: To "Modernize" or not to Modernize BEYOND what BMC offers?

We're consider our product just "below" the TRUE MODERN SYSTEMS of CAN-BUS. With our Fuse, relay, and wiring type, we've selected to produce a very compact system that would be considered 21st century, without the CAN-BUS Mess that almost all cars beyond 2010 are equipped with! Our systems can be worked on/Diagnosed without software and thousands of dollars in equipment. BMC produced this system for the DIY'er, and Professional shop alike. Modern, without going over the edge.