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Complete, Premium MGB Wiring Systems

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Complete MGB Body PLUS Optional 3.4L V6 SFI Wiring

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When Complete Headlamp to Taillamp Wiring Loom Replacement for the MGB is a must, and you are converting to the GM 60ºV6, the BMC Modern Fuse and Relay system is the solution. This system is for the MGB and utilizes the 3.4L 'L32' SFI engine for replacement- some other engines can be used with this system- contact us for more information if you are running an engine variation.

Matter fact, we are the only company who produces a complete MGB wiring loom that also covers ANY engine conversions at all! There are no other products as complete as this: This includes the wiring for everything in the car- headlights, taillamps, heater.. Every light, every device standard to the MGB. 


• Relays for Low and Main Headlamp beams, *parking lamps, *High heater setting, fuel pump, engine cooling fan, ignition, starter, brake lamps, horn, and more relays. Includes both turn and hazard indicator flasher units built in. Our fuses and relays are of the most compact design to save space in your MG.

• included is an additional relay & fuse for fog/driving lights- or whatever you decide to use on this circuit. 

• Optional Air Conditioning fuse and relay.

• Complete total vehicle wiring AND the BMC Camaro/Firebird 3.4L 'L32' V6 wiring. 

• The design sticks to the Lucas wiring 'colours' on the vehicle side for easy trace and understanding of all British wiring

• The design also keeps the GM engine wiring 'colors' on the engine to PCM. Use any shop manual for diagnostics. 

• While other manufacturers have switched to Chinese produced wiring, ours is made here at BMC, a Made in Minnesota product.

*Most Aftermarket providers do not include High Heater Fan relay nor parking lamp relay, but we see need to reduce power on switches, and increase the voltage output to these lights by applying more direct battery power.

Admittely, we do not Race-to-the-Bottom with the lowest cost product. We produce Lasting Premium Wiring Solutions:

• The Engine and PCM wiring is a seperate section which can be unplugged for removal of the driveline as many OEMs do.

• The Main wiring loom runs from the back of the firewall to the headlamps. This main section holds the fuse and relay station, and all other wiring connects directly o thie system through open and weathertight plugs as needed.

• The dashboard on every converted MGB is wired differently. We produce a plug system that has wires running from it. You build the dashboard wiring to your vehicles dash requirements.

• The tail lamp wiring is produced in a seperate wiring loom and plugs in under the dashboard rather than in the unprotected engine bay as MG originally placed them.

• All connections are crimped and soldered.

• Shrink tube used where required.

• Call us before or after the sale. We're here to help guide you through the process.

To "Modernize" or not to Modernize?

We're just below the CAN-BUS systems with our Fuse, relay, and wiring type. We selected a very compact fuse and relay system with our design that would be considered 21st century, without the CAN-BUS Mess that the newest cars on the market are into! This can still be worked on Without the need to learn software, as modern cars require. BMC produced this system for the DIY'er, and Professional shop alike. Modern, without going over the edge.

Have something other than an MGB with the 3.4L V6? 

Cars such as MGB with the 302 V8, fuel injected 4 cylinders, or others such as Sunbeam Alpine, Triumph TR6, Spitfire, or other small vehicle: We offer a modified version of this system that has been fit to many other cars. These modified wiring looms are built to fit smaller or larger vehicles and removes MGB specifics. This other systems also allow for either Carburetor or various types of Fuel injection systems.  Search for part # 1-412.

NOTE: Due to variables to the PCM, These are Sold Separately.