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Retuned/Reflashed V6 PCM

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Make: MG
Make / Model: MG MGB / MGC
Catagory: V6 Engine Conversions
Brand: BMC


Unlock Reliable Power & Simplicity with Our PCM bulletproof, affordable, and performance-enhancing Powertrain Control Module (PCM).

These PCMs originate from the 3.4L L32 Camaro/Firebird and designated as a "OBD 1.5". They work well with many of our V6 engine conversions for Naturally Aspirated engines builds with stock or mild engine modifications.

Our In-House programmed PCMs offer the perfect balance of reliability and performance for all but the most Wildest builds, exceeding expectations without breaking the bank.

Choices of PCM Tuning:

• 1-480 BMC Standard Tune: Ideal for standard builds or minor camshaft upgrades.

• 1-483  10 BHP/10 Lb-Ft Performance Option: Boost your power for a noticeable performance jump, compatible with standard and minor camshaft changes.

• 1-482 Automatic: Get optimal shift patterns and feedback for your automatic transmission.

• 1-484 Base tune for Aluminium cylinder heads. Requires further tuning. 

• Custom tunes to larger camshafts and builds. Contact us for more information.

Customizable to Your Needs:

• Optional Air Conditioning: Maintain comfort and control engine fan operation.

• Need something beyond our pre-configured options? We offer additional custom programming services at an hourly rate.
Clearing Up the Technicals. Some call it a PCM, others an ECU. Both terms apply.
• PCM: The Pwertrain Control Module controls the engine, transmission, fan, Air Conditioning and more.
• ECU: An Engine control unit is an older term and these primarily solely controls the engine.
Why not use the Factory PCM as is?
• We remove the factory antitheft disable system that will not allow the engine to run. 
• Customizable: Get the perfect solution for your specific needs.
• BMC Performance-Enhancing: Choose from multiple options to unlock power gains.
• We offer a 1 year warranty on our PCMs and answer some tech questions when ordered through us.

GM 60ºV6, but Not Quite a Camaro/Firebird 3.4 Donor Motor? We have Options:
• Earlier Engines (2.8, 3.1): Requires additional sensor installation, often easier to swap for a 3.4L engine.
• FWD 3100, we can help you out, but recommend sticking with the reliability and simplicity of the 3.4L for other parts of the conversion that will add more parts requirements with this engine, an No positive gain for your time and money spent.
• Later Engines (3400): Doable with programming adjustments.
• Early/Late 3500 & 3900 Engines: Requires different sensors and programming, but possible with the BMC PCM and wiring loom.
• Hybrid Engines (3.4 or 3400 block with 3400/3500 Heads): A great starting point for custom builds.

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